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About Carolyn  

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Carolyn is a Philadelphia based teacher and student of yoga, a writer, a crafter and lover of life.  She lives in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania with her husband, one big dog and two exceptionally lazy cats. Carolyn is a graduate of the 250-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program and 30-hour Yin Yoga Teaching Certification at Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia, led by the impeccable Corina Benner.  She has trained in Restorative Yoga with Felicia Graham Comisar.


I wholeheartedly  believe in the transformative power of yoga for everyone.  Yes, everyone!   Yoga is a powerful physical and spiritual practice that is accessible to any person with a body and a mind.  I teach from a body positive perspective.  My passion is in supporting people to engage with their own bodies and connect with their most authentic selves.

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Personal Story

Sometime in 2003, fighting a never ending weight loss battle, I found myself exercising at home with various DVD’s.  Kathy Ireland, Elle McPherson, and Denise Austin were my coaches.  Every day, I would pound away, swinging my arms, marching in place, praying that the floor wouldn’t collapse around me, as my tv bounced and rattled in the entertainment center.  One of the videos was a series of 10-minute workouts; Boot Camp, Kickboxing, Ballet and Yoga.  I found myself gravitating to the yoga portion.  Soon, I started adding the yoga segment to whatever else I was doing that day. Yoga was different from the other exercises.  Yoga made me feel strong.

Somewhere along the way, Yoga became movement I enjoyed.  It was hard, but I was strong and liked it!  At the time, I thought “when I lose the weight, maybe I’ll go to a yoga studio.”  That phrase, “when I lose the weight” became a preface for how I saw myself.  When I lose the weight, I’ll…. be happy?  Feel free?  Accept myself?  Be worthy of love?  Be a yogi?

It took another 5 years to summon the courage to enter a yoga class. I had recently lost 30 pounds or so, and I saw that they were offering a free yoga class at my gym.  There were a lot of people in the class, with mats staggered all across the room.  The teacher was a plump woman in her mid-40’s.  I was stunned!  Where were Elle and Kathy?  This woman didn't have the build of a supermodel, she was a real person.  She was like me; imperfect and human.  And, she was teaching yoga!   She smiled sweetly and welcomed me to class.  I never looked back.