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Upcoming Classes

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FREE Gentle Yoga
William Way LGBTQ Community Center
1315 Spruce Street
2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6p-7p

Restorative Yoga
Wake Up Yoga Fairmount, $17 Drop-in
2329 Parrish Street

Fridays , 6:30p-8p
March 22nd
April 19th
May 17th

Well-Rounded Yoga
Wake Up Yoga South, $17 Drop-in
1839 E. Passyunk Ave

Saturdays, 12p-1:30p
March 23rd
April 20th
May 18th

Class Descriptions

Dive into the experience of YOUR body.  Zaftig. Round. Curvy. Pudgy. Thick.  All bodies are miraculous and should be celebrated. This  class will focus specifically on the strength and vitality of bigger bodies.   

A a healthy dose of radical self-love and a vinyasa (flowing) yoga practice.  We will workshop some traditional poses from the perspective of bodies of size. This class is appropriate for all levels.

In this class we sink, exhale and let go.   Then, we sink, exhale and let go a little more.  Restorative yoga is the practice of accessing your body's natural ability to recharge and renew.  We use props blankets, blocks and bolsters to support the body to find the most blissful postures possible.

Gentle Yoga

Join us for Free Gentle Yoga!

These classes will incorporate gender neutral language, and be appropriate for all bodies. No prior experience required. Just bring your own mat. Contact Celena Morrison with any questions,



In private sessions, we focus on you and the unique needs of your practice and your body. Maybe you’re just getting started and need some extra attention. Or, maybe you’ve been practicing for years and want to reinvigorate your practice. Reach out and let’s connect about how private sessions can fit into your practice. I offer a no-questions asked sliding fee scale.

Email for more information.