Carolyn Poerio Yoga

a well rounded experience

Sunday,  May 19th, 12:30-3:30pm
Nurture & Ground: Yoga and Acupuncture

Sensations in the body communicate vital information to the nervous system. Moving through the world, we slowly learn to disconnect from the sensations in our bodies.  We learn to ignore hunger cues to avoid "overeating". We practice valuing the opinions of others over our own intuition. We train ourselves to push through stressful times when our bodies are signaling a need for nourishing and a safety net. Disconnecting conscious thought from physical sensation can, at best, keep us from functioning optimally.

In this workshop we will intentionally connect with sensation in the body. We will slow down and notice.  We will practice deep, intentional rest to foster a deeper sense of grounding. To facilitate this relaxation, we will practice yin and restorative postures, with some limited, gentle, flowing movement.  Throughout the practice, Doren Day will provide gentle, hands-on Zero Balancing to help us find our center and feel relaxation and balanced energy flow.  We will practice an extended savasana, during which Doren will offer acupuncture.  Our hope is that you will come away feeling rested, connected and energized.

Investment: $55, Registration is open!